Tuesday, 30 March 2010

here is a picture of my Mad Hatter and Alice too. x

Back from Miniatura

Well first time for me to start this blogging lark lol, so bare with me.
I returned late Sunday night from a fantastic weekend at the NEC Miniatura show, where as usual we had our display stand and as usual it looked fantastic, this table would not be there if it were not for the help of Roz & Aidy of lilyelf http://lilyelf.com/ , Helena and Beverley Read.
These are the backbone of our D-A-M-E online group. big thanks girls what a weekend it was as always. And a big thanks to my sister Janice who came with me for the trip and was a big help on the D-A-M-E stand too.
There where a few of our D-A-M-E members who had their own stands this year all looking brilliant and full to the brim of goodies and delightful work. jenny Kelm of had her first stand there this weekend and what a stand it was. Edith & Walter of Delicious Delights alonng with solway miniatures both had mouthwatering stands and my great friends Roz & Aidy Gilmour of had a fantastic stand, their new range of character porcelain dolls went down a storm as did all their dolls.
I had been working on a project for over two months, my Sweeny Todd barbers shop, complete with flipping chair sending the poor victim down into the basement, what a show stopper it was, talk of miniatura apparently as told to me from many of the public who stopped by for a demonstration, that poor victim was sent hurtling down the trap door hundreds of times over the weekend, much to the delight of everybody including the show organizers, local press and dolls magazines. Also My Mad Hatter (Jonny Depp) and Alice in Wonderland, Grinch, humpty dumpty to name a few also got a great deal of attention, many photos taken from happy people browsing the fair.
well done to all involved and a big thanks to Andy Hopwood who sent the magazines over to take photos.
Well a great time